Muscular Pain & Spasms

Muscle pain and spasms can range from annoying to severe, and they can be a clear signal of underlying vertebral alignment issues. Involuntary muscle contractions and muscle spasms create a tightness or a cramping sensation that can occur all over your body. However, they are most common in the neck, legs (hamstrings and quadriceps), arms, and back.

If you are experiencing a low intensity cramping in the muscle, twitching, or a tick in the muscle, it could very likely be a muscle spasm. Other common symptoms include severe pain in the muscle, tightening of the muscle, and a sudden sharp, unpleasant sensation in the muscle or even muscle fatigue.

During your very first visit to see Dr. Thompson, he will perform a quick and painless scan to measure muscle tightness. This precise measurements allows Dr. Thompson to have an exact representation of your muscle tension as he creates your customized chiropractic treatment plan.

Dr. Thompson utilizes vertebral adjustments, joint manipulation, and even soft tissue manipulation. Adjustments and other manipulation allows your spine and joints to restore normal motion, which in turn leads to reduced pain and a decrease in muscle spasms.